Crinoid Blue Limestone also belongs to the Hard Limestone Group. The material is called Crinoid Blue Limestone or Blue Limestone Fossils because it contains small white fossils/ shells which give the stone a lively appearance. Comparing with other Blue limestone materials, the Crinoid Blue Limestone is mostly similar to the Belgian Blue Hardstone and it is the first Blue Limestone material which has been sold to Benelux since the late 1990s.

The quarries of Crinoid Blue Limestone are distributed in Hatrung district and Cam Thuy district of Thanh Hoa province. It is also explained why many suppliers and Benelux perennial clients call it as Hatrung bluestone and Cam Thuy bluestone.

Currently, the quantity of Crinoid Blue Limestone is increasingly recovered thank to appliance of Diamond Wire -Saw quarrying technology since 2015. 

SHA Vietnam is able to supply 3000 - 5000 sqm of finished products per month.


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